I wake up at 2 am wondering if you are wondering.
I block the dead memories from my mind,
But they are not dead, we are just dead to each other.
I sleep in past the noise once again, ripping the glued band aid off my skin.
I try to moisture my skin but the only hydration it is getting is tears.
Tears are held back often, just like the thought of us laughing.
I had to walk many hallways with an empty soul,
I made myself overcome so much with an empty mind,
As you watched with an empty heart.
My heart it aches, it aches.
I smile.
I can’t smile, I can’t open up to others,
I can’t let anyone else in.
How can I let anyone else in, when you were the only one who let me in?
I can’t even leave, when you are not here anymore.
I’m broken, you’re broken, we’re broken.
We were just on your bedroom floor talking about the next four years of our lives,
It’s been five and we have not even spoken.

-Victoria Koenig

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