We constantly look for answers,

wondering how we did wrong.

When we didn’t do any wrong.

Often we blame ourselves, when we were just being ourselves.

You see darling, some can not commit.

We scare these non committers,

with the love and passion we have for living.

We cannot search for logic, when it never existed.

Darling we need to keep living and loving.

-Victoria Koenig


It’s 8:12 am and I’m shoving strawberry frosted mini wheat’s in my mouth.

But that’s not what Tuesdays smell like.

Tuesdays smell like chicken fajitas, and feel like a mango popsicle for desert.

This day of the week really complements it’s self through the balance of spicy and sweet.

It’s not Monday anymore but it’s no where near Friday.

Just a simple reminder we shouldn’t judge how our day will go by the label.

-Victoria Koenig


I wake up at 2 am wondering if you are wondering.
I block the dead memories from my mind,
But they are not dead, we are just dead to each other.
I sleep in past the noise once again, ripping the glued band aid off my skin.
I try to moisture my skin but the only hydration it is getting is tears.
Tears are held back often, just like the thought of us laughing.
I had to walk many hallways with an empty soul,
I made myself overcome so much with an empty mind,
As you watched with an empty heart.
My heart it aches, it aches.
I smile.
I can’t smile, I can’t open up to others,
I can’t let anyone else in.
How can I let anyone else in, when you were the only one who let me in?
I can’t even leave, when you are not here anymore.
I’m broken, you’re broken, we’re broken.
We were just on your bedroom floor talking about the next four years of our lives,
It’s been five and we have not even spoken.

-Victoria Koenig



There’s a plan, you see.

Every happy moment.

Every sad moment.

You’re not suppose to be good at everything,

because you’re here for certain aspects of life.

Sometimes there’s fog that will follow you down paths,

blocking what you are good at.

This is simply because you don’t find what you’re good at,

and simply it will find you.

Relationships don’t last for a reason,

as new people enter into your life.

You leave old places discovering new.

Change can be sudden,

and sometimes difficult to adapt to.

But no matter what moment you are in right now,

is where you are supposed to be.

Always remember, memories are free.

There’s a plan, you see.

-Victoria Koenig



Friday nights used to consist of football games and sleepovers.

The only worry in the world we had was whose parents were driving and finding a homecoming dress.

Friday nights slowly turned into dedication to studying and letting the real world fall into place.

Now Friday nights are becoming bland and lonely, no matter how many people i am surrounded by.

-Victoria Koenig


As you roll out of bed today to get ready for another  a new day,

Look into the mirror and say something aloud you love about yourself.

Instead of rushing to the door so you don’t have to hold it for the person behind you, wait and hold it open.

Always say thank you to the ones who hold the door open for you.

Don’t use your phone as a device to prevent you from having to make eye contact with a stranger, make eye contact and smile.

Be polite without a reason, even when dealt with the impolite.

Give a stranger a compliment.

As the day may become more difficult, remember you have conquered worse.

Before you roll into bed for a fresh night of sleep,

Look into the mirror and say something aloud you love about yourself.

-Victoria Koenig



As the light rises up to a new day

The apprehension rises up even faster

The lack of rest will show once again

Making me enervated, dragging my soul on

When the light starts to fade and it’s time for grey,

I find my bed peace where i can finally lay

And repeat my thinking space.

-Victoria Koenig